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Developing a strategic process to assess the issues prior to what has become an issue to your company.


Developing a strategic process to assess the issues prior to what has become an issue to your company.


Developing a strategic process to assess the issues prior to what has become an issue to your company.

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Strategic Planning and Development


W&G Consultants is a B2B growth consulting company that works exclusively with start ups to mid-market companies to improve performance in sales, marketing, strategy and leadership. We also provide multiple services to keep our b2b relationship under one roof.

As a CEO, executive or business owner today, you have to drive innovative solutions across your business in order to succeed, but to accomplish these goals you need to address many challenges. W &G Consultants helps you achieve success in these areas of sales, marketing, strategy and leadership.

W&J Consultants is a -No Jargon- business, we work with our clients in-person and up-front. When you speak to a consultant, we not only define what you are seeking, but we create and produce solutions that your company benefits from. W&G Consultants is not your typical new age internet consultant who focuses on web links, testimonials, email and remote service. Whether you are in Florida or in California, if you need a problem solved or in search for new growth, then our company can competitively show you results.



Can't survive without it. But with it can be extremely effective if strategically planned. We help define and create goals to help you increase in sales and revenue.The only way to overcome lack of sales growth and revenue is to develop an actionable strategy, check it against the realities of the marketplace, and then delegate sales, marketing, strategy and leadership as a whole so that goals can actually be reached without struggling to the last drop of the month to meet numbers.


As your company grows, so does the responsibilities, and with that lays a lot on the table for your staff. We provide in-depth solutions to assure your staff is aligned and honed in on what their true goal is along side of their company policy to allow management, employees and upper-level staff to be more delegated and efficient.


WGC works along side your staff to fully plan, develop and help build a successful path and assist with building your perfect marketing solution all the way to the execution date.We work effectively yet efficiently to be sure when you launch your marketing campaign, that it launches successfully with return. No more "slap togethers" or a quick and easy "bring in the customer" plan.

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